Summer Camps

The premier leadership training event for boys in Royal Rangers is Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA).  No where else in their Royal Rangers experience will they encounter such quality and focused leadership training.  With a Spirit-led staff full of experienced, godly men, each young man will walk away a stronger servant leader and ready to serve others in their church, family, outpost and community with a strong sense of purpose.

To equip today's leaders, we offer 4 different levels of leadership training (listed below), a canoeing action camp and one outdoor-focused skills camp.

RTC-CURRENTRanger Training Camp (RTC) is for boys who have graduated the 4th grade but are not yet in the 7th grade. RTC prepares boys to serve as junior leaders in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost.  This exciting camp will introduce them to FCF (Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship), discover their God-given talents and strengths, learn how to add value to any group they are a part of and be challenged to take on new responsibilities!

JTC-CURRENTJunior Training Camp (JTC) is for boys that have at least graduated 7th grade. JTC focuses on leadership skills used in the local outpost and group.  Young men will focus on God's plan for their life and see how they are developing the skills and talents God has given them as a servant leader.  They will be asking, "Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?"  JTC is required to attend AJTC and Junior Academy in the future.

AJTC-CURRENTAdvanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC) is for boys who have completed JTC and have graduated from the eighth grade. Boys are taught skills that build upon what they learned at JTC including understanding leadership roles in their local church, understanding God's plan through the lens of our "Adventure, Character and Task", evaluating how they are developing their own godly character, what they are doing to serve others and if they are following God's plan for their life.

JA-CURRENTJunior Academy (JA) and Staff - If you are a graduate of AJTC or a current Royal Rangers Leader we would very much like you to serve on staff at this year's JLDA.  There is a separate application for adult staff members. Please contact Kenny Murray for more information.


CAC-CURRENTCanoe Action Camp (CAC) - This action camp is for those who want to learn basic and advanced canoeing skills as well as how to conduct canoe trips. Topics to be studied include water-related first aid, swimming safety, canoe safety, waterproofing of gear, canoe care, and portaging. After attending some important training classes, trainees and staff will set out on a water expedition. Much of the instruction is based on the requirements from the green Canoeing merit. Canoeing rivers and lakes can be a fun and adventurous way to explore nature.

OSC-CURRENTOutdoor Skills Camp (OSC) - OSC will be a merit camp focused on merits that are generally hard to get in the Outpost setting and will focus particularly on implementation of the “boy led, adult facilitated” model. This year OSC will strive to complete the following: Blue skill merits Wildlife and Fishing, and Green skill merits Dutch Oven Cooking, Camp Safety, and Knife and Hawk.




June 7-10th



Camp Williams
1345 Country Road 444
Hallettsville, Texas 77964